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Alu-Cab, the best canopy for every application


Alu-Cab started out building aluminium canopies, although we offer a wide range of innovative off-road gear these days, we still pride ourselves on being canopy specialists.

Aluminium vs Fibreglass: Our canopies are manufactured from aluminium which has superior strength to weight ratio, thus it is lighter than most of the popular fibreglass competing products. This inherent strength allows the Alu-Cab canopy to carry more load than any other canopies.

Aluminium VS Steel: The Alu-Cab Canopy is much lighter the any of the steel canopies available on the market, for example, the Alu-Cab Canopy for the Ford Ranger DC is up to 40% lighter than the competitors steel canopy.

The Alu-Cab aluminium range of canopies offers the perfect solution for daily use, work, utilities, expeditions, hobbies, sport, holiday, camping and many other applications.

Due to the large range of accessories that we offer our customers are able to convert their canopies to suit their different needs.

Alu-Cab Canopies are very easy to fit, even an un-trained fitment team will be able to fit the canopy in less than 45 minutes.

This fully recyclable metal doesn’t rust, weather or crack.

Besides the advantages of aluminium construction, our canopies have been designed for ease of use, with 3 doors opening up for easy access to your load-bin. Inside the canopy, the roof cross braces double as tie-down rails, as does internal base frame, so you can attach accessories to the canopy’s interior, sides or roof without any drilling. Or you can use the tie-down rails as lashing points to secure your cargo. This versatility means that it’s entirely possible to use your canopy as a workhorse during the week and an overlanding unit on the weekends and holidays. The best of both worlds!

Choose the model that works best for your requirements:

Explorer Canopy

Our standard model
Full width rear door for unrestricted access to the load-bin.

Explorer Canopy
Explorer Canopy

Adventure Canopy

Special order only
900mm rear door which allows for the fitment of Jerrycan & gas bottle holders.

Adventure Canopy
Adventure Canopy

Technical Features

Sleek new design:
Our canopies are CAD designed to ensure consistency & quality
Tig welded aluminium extrusions
Aluminium sheet CNC laser-cut and bent
Centre flex, water proof hinges - prevents rain water dripping in when door is open. - Full length side doors for maximum access on DC Canopies
Reliable, tamper-proof and keyed alike
Approx. 57 kg for DC Canopy, one of the lightest canopy of its kind, two people can easily lift it onto the load bin
Side doors available in smooth or tread plate, mill-finish or powder-coated silver / black.
No-drill fitment on most modern vehicles. Fitment brackets fasten to manufacturer’s load points on the load bin. Recommended fitment time 20min-30min by one person.
Gas Struts:
High quality units made in Germany
Reinforced Roof:
One can load 150kg direct to roof. Mounting rail fitted on canopy roof as standard. Can be used with M8 cup square bolts, tie down rings etc.
Ready to Fit:
The canopy is delivered ready to fit to the vehicle, no need to assemble
Canopy is waterproof
The canopy is packed in a reinforced box that ensures safe delivery all over the world
Optional Finish:
Dual-colour and colour-coding
3-year structural warranty & 1-year on working parts (T&Cs apply)

Adventure Canopy Accessories Only

Jerrycan Holder:
Aluminium jerrycan holder to fit on rear of adventure canopy
Gas-bottle holder :
Aluminium gas bottel holder to fit on rear of adventure canopy


All bolt on to canopy with no-dril fitment kits made from Aluminium.

Bolt-on load bars (no drilling required) - in Silver, Total weight: 6kg
Roof Rack – Extra light aluminium roof rail with wind deflector, in Silver or Black powder coated. Total weight: only 8kg
Aluminium camping table (under roof-mount option). Total weight: 7kg
Universal 750cm long extra light Aluminium cupboards. silver powder coated. Total weight: 7kg
Kitchen Cupboard - Universal 750cm long extra light Aluminium cupboard, fitted with kitchen utensils for 4 people
Recovery Cupboard - Universal 750cm long extra light Aluminium cupboards fitted with recovery kit
Prep table – Aluminium Table that slides into place on to the side of the canopy to complete the kitchen unit
Drawer systems – Various aluminium drawers in 750mm, 1230mm or 1470mm lengths, Single or double
Fridge slider – Tilting Aluminium Fridge slide to be fit on drawers for to 40-50L, 60L or 80-100L Fridges

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