Little Rock Holiday Resort - Hercules Rooftop Conversion

Alu Cab Hercules Rooftop Conversion

Hercules for Troopy

The Land Cruiser Troopy conversion aka Hercules, has to be the ultimate 2-sleeper overland solution. Not only does it offer a sleeper compartment which is easy to erect and access, it also offers unparalleled internal living space.

After climbing out the vehicle to flip the roof up - a process which takes just seconds - you can access the sleeper compartment from inside the vehicle. Which is great news if you’re overnighting in lion country! A flip-up panel in the sleeper compartment allows you to stand up in the vehicle – so no more getting dressed and undressed while bent over double. What’s more, the roof can be closed with your bedding in place.

This conversion offers a marginal increase in roof height, this means less stress about parking and manoeuvring your vehicle. The Hercules conversion is available in kit form so we can ship it to all four corners of the earth; installation takes two days at a competent fitment centre.



Aerodynamic Dimensions:
Minimises wind resistance & fuel consumption
Black, white or custom
400 gram UV-resistant rib-lock waterproof canvas with sealed seams
Roof Insulation:
Polyethylene closed-cell foam & black insulating quilt
Two stork lights for reading
Four LED:
Diffused lights
Integrated roof cargo tracks allow for small roof-rack or load bars. The Alu-Cab Shadow Awning & sides can also be fitted to the side of the unit

External Dimenssions

Length: 2 800mm
Width: 1 420 mm
Height: 225mm
Added Height: 120 – 140 mm
Added Weight: 116 kg

Mattress Dimensions

Length: 2 400 mm
Width: 1 250 mm (two piece)
Thickness: 70 mm