Little Rock Holiday Resort - Echo 2

Echo 2 Off-road trailer

Echo 2 Off-road trailer


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Do not let the compact appearance of the Echo 2 Off-road trailer fool you. This little trailer is tough, stylish and very well equipped.The Tec 2 has ample packing space making it perfect for over landing or any outdoor adventure. Made from high quality durable materials that allow it to endure the toughest conditions.

The Echo 2 is one of the latest addition to the Echo 4×4 range. With many features taken from the Echo 6. Features such as High lift Jack points and excellent departure angle further adds to its off road ability. Convenience of a quick setup and easy accessibility from 3 sides; allowing you to get to your gear easily when you need it.With the Echo 2 you can fully enjoy your travels, no matter where you go.

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